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PaperMade™ books feature characters that are pre-cut and scored — you easily punch them out and fold them up, NO tape, glue or scissors are needed! They’re a fun family activity… an awesome gift… and make good friends too.



20 Easy-to-Make Ornaments Punch out, Fold up, and CELEBRATE! Comes with hooks in different colors MORE INFO & BUY

Paper Cats

12 Easy-to-Make Cats PLUS fold-up fuzzy friends furniture and cat toys! MORE INFO & BUY

Paper Monsters

20 Easy-to-Make Monsters Likely to haunt your dreams and shiver your timbers! MORE INFO & BUY

Paper Ninja

13 Easy-to-Make Ninjas PLUS Full-Sized Master Killer Dojo and Weapons! MORE INFO & BUY

Paper Bots

20 Easy-to-Make Robots Humans! Are you ready for the robot invasion? MORE INFO & BUY

Paper Pups

20 Easy-to-Make Puppies Punch out, Fold up, and Voila! Instant best friend! MORE INFO & BUY

Need help?

PaperMade™ books are made using advanced paper engineering so making them 3D characters is easy—simply match the letter of the tab with the same letter slot. And we know that even brainiacs need help sometimes so we’ve created videos to help! Click through to see how and also check out our YouTube channel for more!   LEARN MORE


We can’t get enough of our fans! We love making PaperMade™ books but what makes it all worthwhile is when we hear from YOU! Make a character, take a selfie with it (or a portrait will do) and send them to us! We’re happy to share them here and on our Facebook page. Who knows, you could become famous! Community


From People Magazine to the world’s best mommy blogs, we’re thrilled to be featured by some of the world’s best press! Check out some of our greatest press and you get extra love from us when you share them with everyone you know! Read More


Want even more PaperMade™? Paperblog features all things paper that we see and are inspired by—the world of paper craft is expanding like crazy and we support the movement! Check here for some of the coolest things we see and get inspired too! Paperblog


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