“Two of the cutest fans of Paper Pups from Thailand whose names are Earth & Toy. What perfect names!
“Thank you Joan M. for sharing these pics of her family creating their kennel!”
“The globe-trotting Pups on vacation in Vienna, Austria…”
— Anna & Michael T., New York & Vienna
My name is Charlie.
I am 7 years old.
I received your Papermade Pups book from Santa and already made all of them. I love your pups! Please make more pups! Thank you!
— Charlie W., Dexter Michigan
This just in from our @itspapermade Twitter...Monster attacks are preventing people from working everywhere!
@shahingh knows how addicting making PaperBots can be!
“Dreamy wonderland of a bone for little feisty Diesel”
— Elli K.
“Snow Globe: Nancy’s Eternal snow dancer Dakota under glass for all to see”
— Jeff R., New York City
My daughter is obsessed with paper pups and every day she anxiously waits for me to come back from work so I can make her a new one. We only have 6 pups left to make, what am I going to do when we run out?!?
— S.T.
We love this shot @sarahdsimp posted of her pups at the holidays!
“This Ohio trio seem to be enjoying their new best friends...thank you guys!”
Chihuahua Doppelganger
"My daughter loves robots, she has a lot of interest to making any kind of robots, and she makes huge paper robots. She is putting electronic circuits in to them and having them move.”

— Serhat A., Newark NJ
Pups at The Hay Store, Copenhagen Denmark
— Raquel D., New York City
Thanks get back to work!
Even bots need some fresh air! - Blair Zhang in English Bay, Vancouver
"I'm just like a piece of art at the Vancouver Art Gallery!"
- Blair Zhang