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Boston Globe: All dolled up…with fashion icons

September 16, 2017

Thanks Boston Globe and Marni Elyse Katz for highlighting Paper Fashion…just in time for Fashion Week!




Marie Claire Italia asks: A paper Karl Lagerfeld for your nightstand?

September 7, 2017

Its an honor to be featured in Marie Claire’s Italian edition this month! Who wouldn’t want to go to sleep and wake up with a fashion icon? Those extra 15 minutes of rest is better played looking your best—with Paper Fashion icons, right?!


Chic by Association

August 9, 2017

We made it to Friday Fun News! Thank you Hi-tech Chic for featuring our newest edition, Paper Fashion on your website. You’ve started the buzz and we know it will keep going. Read more here.


Vogue Bambini (Italy) asks “Cats or Paper Cats?”

June 10, 2016

We couldn’t be more thrilled than to be featured on Vogue Bambini’s website for Paper Cats…so to answer the question we say Paper Cats of course!! (OK we begrudgingly admit that a real cat is much better…)!

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 3.49.44 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 3.49.56 PM

Thank you Vogue Bambini!


Outnumbered 3-1

February 17, 2016

12 Easy to Make Cats: Papermade Paper Cats Review

It’s no secret that I love cats. If there’s something involving cats, whether it’s a shirt, house decor, or yes, even a book that allows you to make paper cats, I have to own it. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Papermade Paper Cats book. It’s got 12 cats, including some famous Internet cats, that pop out and you fold together.



December 1, 2014

Cool Arts and Crafts Gifts for Kids Who Have Outgrown the Fat Crayons

Robots are cool. Always. Making robots, even cooler.



September 1, 2014

The Easiest Way to Make an Adorable Paper Version of Your Dog

We consider ourselves pretty lucky here at Bark&Co since we get to bring our pups to work every day. Most places, though, aren’t as fortunate. If you’re a lonely hooman without a dog at your feet or if you’re a busy hooman with precocious, crafty kidlets in your life, you should totally check out this book of paper pups.



May 16, 2014

Would you buy a book called Paper Pups? I would…

When an old friend, Daniel Stark, heard about my new endeavor, he reached out to say, ” I have something fun”!  It does not require walking, you don’t need to feed it but boy, it’s pretty amazing.  Paper Pups, a book dedicated to those who like their dogs to be still and quiet.


Glutton for Life

December 9, 2013

From one of our favorite blogs comes this very sweet recommendation. We’re honored, thank you Laura Silverman!


The Pet Anthology

December 4, 2013

Paper Pups by PaperMade

Papermade’s Paper Pups is a perfect gift for the pet lover in your life. This fun activity book featuring 20 fun punch-out-and-put-together 3-D paper dogs. Paper Pups have been designed using advanced paper engineering so making adorable 3D objects is easy for everyone. No glue, tape, or tools needed!