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PSFK Holiday Gift Guide

December 3, 2013

Two times is a charm…thanks to PSFK for writing about PaperMade Paper Pups long before we were published and then again in the gift guide. We feel the love and so do the Pups!


Dog Milk

November 27, 2013

How cool is it that Dog Milk — the perfectly pup-centric sister site of Design Milk — would run a piece on Paper Pups! The best part for us has to be their own photos of the pups!


Mom Trends

November 21, 2013

What a great inclusion this holiday gift guide! “We also love Paper Pups, a fun book filled with 20 colorful and easy-to-make puppies. Kids of all ages will love playing with this pre-cut, scored, and perforated book that doesn’t require any glue, tape, or tools. Simply punch one out, fold it up, and you’ve got your own adorable 3-D pooch to love and enjoy.”


People Magazine

November 2, 2013

In the Sexiest Man Alive special double issue you’ll find Paper Pups on page 68, right next to Danielle Steele’s new book (in which she talks about her lifelong love affair with dogs). Tell us something we don’t know!


Mommy Poppins

October 19, 2013

Book Party and Craft Demo: Paper Pups by Papermade

Paper Pups is a book that comes alive! With 20 unique dog designs, each Paper Pup is pre-cut, scored, and perforated so you can simply punch them out of the page, fold them up with easy-to-follow instructions, and they become adorable, iconic 3-D objects to love and enjoy. Paper Pups deftly combines paper craft with paper engineering so no glue, tape, or tools are needed!