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Paper Pups Coloring

Punch out, Fold up and…Voila! Instant best friend that YOU MAKE!

Paper Pups–the original smash hit of the PaperMade book series — is back as a coloring book unlike any other–with unique dog designs that you color and then make into adorable 3-D characters!

Each of the 20 pup templates are pre-cut and scored so anyone can simply color them and then punch out and fold up with easy-to-follow instructions on the page. Paper Pups 3D Coloring deftly combines paper craft with advanced paper engineering: No glue, tape or tools are needed!

Best of all, they don’t need paper training… they make great companions for ages 7 to 101 and some people may even enjoy them more than a real dog.

Our most popular PaperMade title meets another activity people are crazy about today. Two for the price of one!