Paper Monsters: French Edition

Paper Monsters: French Edition



PAPER MONSTERS THAT YOU BRING TO LIFE! Punch out, Fold up and…EEEEK! Instant Scary Freaks.

Paper Monsters —the 4th in a series of books is a title that everyone loves. Each of the 20 unique monster designs are pre-cut, scored and perforated so anyone can simply punch them out and fold them up with easy instructions.

Whether you’re a fan of things that go bump in the night or not, you’ll find these scary creatures too cute to scream at. They instantly become awesome 3D objects to play with and display. 

Paper Monsters deftly combines paper craft with advanced paper engineering so no nightmares with glue, tape or tools ever happen! 

They’ll provide hours of fun and you may even come to love them. After all, you’re the one giving them life. Best of all, they won’t keep you up at night, unless you’re playing with them…
Paper Monsters make great companions for ages 7 to 101 and they’d never hurt a fly.

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Paper Monsters Includes –

Rüngnør the Troll, Amphibiman, Hairy the Werewolf, István the Vampire, Xypzgu the Xarlack, Death Ghost, Warrior of the Underworld, Audrey Hellish Herbade, James The Gargoyle, Frank N. Stein, Daenyrex The Dragon, Mujo Mushi, Arachnidia The Queen, Ursüla Lurker-Snapper, Brud The Cyclops, Fuzz Himalayan Terror Bat, Pffzlttgh? , Hellsquid Aquaped, The Bride Mrs. Stein and Suweda Pig Beast

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