PRIMARY FUNCTION: Fueled by / runs on burgers—fabricate, dispense, and consume burgers. Repeat.
TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGH: Can make any burger combination imaginable.

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*Dotted lines to fold appear after purchase in downloadable file— For the best quality printing for your new PaperMade™ character, we recommend printing on heavy stock paper.

The book features 20 ultra-cool robot designs that can turn anyone on! Each bot is pre-cut and scored so you can simply punch them out and fold them up with easy-to-follow instructions right on the page. You’ll instantly feel teleported to a bold new futurescape with these fun 3-D objects. Paper shuffling? A thing of the past – these bots will happily perform your dull, repetitive tasks on command.

It includes:
Hug Bot, Love/Hate Bot, Bunny Bot, The Claw, Ana Bot, Mountain Bot, Octo Squid, Hex, El Maquińon…and more!

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