Cat Toys

Cat Toys


A feather, a mouse, a furry ball...these are just a few of a cat’s favorite things. Your cats will be busy for hours with these toys as they bat them around. Are they contemplating the meaning of the universe or just chewing them all to death? Hmm, you tell us.

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*Dotted lines to fold appear after purchase in downloadable file— For the best quality printing for your new PaperMade™ character, we recommend printing on heavy stock paper.

PaperMade™ Paper Cats book features 12 of the coolest cats the world has seen—some of them already acclaimed Internet stars. Each cat is pre-cut and scored so you can easily punch them out and fold them up by matching each corresponding tab-and-slot. Paper Cats combine paper crafting with advanced paper engineering so no glue, tape, or tools are ever needed! 

It includes:
Cranky Cat, Napoleon Moo, Piano Cat, Hanging Kitty, Surprised Kitty, a Deluxe Cat Three …and more!

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