Paper Ninja

Paper Ninja

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PAPER NINJA - More Dangerous Than a Paper Tiger! Punch out, Fold up and…Shhh! Instant Silent Assassins.

Paper Ninja— the 3rd in a series of books is a title that will surprise at every turn. Inside are 13 stealth ninja designs, a master killer dojo and special weapons— all pre-cut and scored so you simply punch them out and fold them up with easy-to-follow instructions right on the page.

These quiet killers blend perfectly into the background, waiting to strike. This book comes with an added bonus–pages that fold up to become a perfect ninja dojo. 

Paper Ninja deftly combines paper craft with advanced paper engineering so no glue, tape or tools are ever needed…but a broadsword might come in handy! Best of all Paper Ninja make loyal allies for everyone ages 7 to 101, but tread carefully — you never know where a ninja is hiding until its too late. Hai-yah!

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Paper Ninja Includes –

Golden Moon, Kato Dan, Yumi Beau, Tank Tanaka, Fuma Kotaro, Free lancer, Dark Furry, Oda Nobunaga, Oni no Hanzo, Dragonblade, Kuro Kage, Mochi, Tora and Killer Dojo

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